Golden Gate Canyons ~ Best Kept Secret

Golden Gate Canyon State Park has pretty much everything you could want in a hiking destination. Just a short drive from the metro area, and you find yourself engulfed with the panoramic scenery of the Continental Divide- with a multitude of hiking options. Golden Gates: an ever-changing land scape from glaciers, that features carved-out prominent rolling saddles and steeply eroded canyons- just for our enjoyment, or so it seems. Topping it off with Thorodin as its centerpiece; legend has it, the first settlers could not decide on “Thor” or “Odin,” so they Read more

Longs Peak~ The Classic 14er

Longs Peak is the quintessential 14er in the Peak to Peak area.  One only has to look at the state quarter to recognize that, with its image emblazoned on the back side.  While it’s a very social hike, it is also very demanding.  But like my wife likes to hear me say,

“Beauty is paid for, in part, by the currency of suffering.”

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